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Our Eco3D Walldecors
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MyWallArt Eco 3D Wall-decors give an extra dimension to your walls!

Are you tired of the way your place looks? Then why don't you give it a brand new and exciting appearance with the eco 3d wall decors and 3d wall-panels from WallArt!

You'll be in for some nice compliments for sure. The WallArt eco 3d wall-decors are very easy to install and make it possible to create an unrecognizable look in no time. You can pick and choose from a range of no less then 20 textures. All embossed wall decorations designed to transform your walls into real eyecatchers!

We are an dutch company that creates 3D Eco-friendly wall panels that are made from the fibrous remains of sugar cane called bagasse. This material is usually discarded after the sugar making process.

In fact, it'll be impossible for you and your guests to keep your eyes and fingers away from them. Because the eco-3d walldecors or 3d wall panels from WallArt are simply irresistible!

To see more of our embossed walltiles browse true our website, you will be surprised!

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